City Building in Polar Coordinates

Editors : MISS FUN 2016-03-04 19:004

In the world of Polar Coordinates, you can turn a horizontal line into circle, turn a vertical line into radial line. You can also start with a panoramic image and ends with a small planet. It's a planet you've never seen. This tutorial is about how to make fantastic planet.

Step 1: Select a photo of city building

Step 2: Go to Advanced > Polar Coordinates > Plane 2 Polar I. You will see a small world.

Step 3: Sharpen this photo

All done. Just 3 steps. The most important is the photo you choose. Not every photo of city building can create amazing result.

I will attach some photos which are perfect for polar coordinates. Looking forward to your works in comment.


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    The function of Polar Coordinates can make so many interesting pictures.