What can I do whith Pacth tool?

Editors : Crystal 2016-03-04 18:031

The Patch tool is great for removing unwanted elements from your image or duplicating any part of your image. This tutorial I will show you how to use patch tool to make fantastic works. It's quite simple with Toolwiz Photos App.


Step 1: Go to Tools > Patch

Step 2: Tap on screen, you will see 2 circles, one is the part you want to copy, the other is you want to put copied part.

Step 3: Adjust these 2 circles on screen, you can zoom out & in or remove them until it's perfect.

Step 4: Set Feathering value as 0, size value as 3

Step 5: User 'Eraser' tool to wipe unnecessary part

Step 6: To make my photo more perfect, I will crop the size at 1:1


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    I am a little unclear on steps 2 and 4. Please will you elaborate more. Gorgeous effect tho..do you have the completed after pic?

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    @u1457994634 Hi, in step 2, firstly you need to tap on screen, you will see 2 circles. The first circle is you want to duplicate, the second circle is the result from the first circle. You can pinch the first circle to zoom or rotate. Then drug the second circle to the place you want to put. About step 4, tap 'Config' under 'Mask', you can adjust the brush's size and feathering, then tap 'Mask', back to 'Eraser', wipe the unnecessary part. Hope this could help you.