Put things in bubble

Editors : fish 2016-03-03 19:122

Today I show you a cool skill, how to put things like pet, childen or any other cute things in a bubble.


Step 1: Open Toolwiz Photos App, you will see three buttons, tap 'Pro Editing'

Step 2: Choose a photo of dog. Go to Tools > Cutout > Shape. Select the round shape to cutout the dog then save.

Step 3: Selet a photo with bubble, go to tools > Mixer. Find the dog photo to mix.

Step 4: Move the dog to the place of the bubble,and then tap 'Darken' effect, you will see the dog in the bubble

Step 5: Continue to edit, go to tools > Reshape, use Expand tool to zoom the dog's nose.

So easy,isn't it? The dog is so cute!


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    So cute:)

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    I have a golden retriever too:)

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    The dog is shut in bubble by you,haha~

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    Very professional! Thanks for sharing!